Educational Programs

Live presentation by Hank Longo

Educational Programs to fit your class schedule and class size teaching students the
SOAR 16 lessons to make your dreams come true.

SOAR: Educational Programs


2 Ways to Launch Your Dreams

1. Live Presentation by Hank Longo

A half-day workshop, including complete 16 lessons with student workbooks and participation.

2. Video Presentation for Students

16 lessons with teacher and student participation designed to fit your classroom schedule. Includes DVD, student workbooks, and teacher's manual.

Hank is also available for an
exciting program introduction.
Call for pricing and availability.

Invite Hank to speak to your audience and inspire them to make their dreams come true.
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Hank Longo is available to speak at your event.

Contact Me
Hank Longo
6039 Cypress Gardens Blvd #173
Winter Haven, FL 33884
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